Backrooms Level -0.1: "The Wisp Corridors"

Regarded as Level -0.1, or alternatively "The Wisp Corridors", this level is a dreamlike, otherworldly realm filled with an ethereal luminescence and drifting wisp-like entities of light.

An Overview:

Level -0.1 manifests as an extensive, interlinked maze of corridors, distinguished by glowing, semi-transparent walls that pulse gently with a soft, bioluminescent light. Free-floating orbs or 'Wisps' of light drift aimlessly, their ethereal glow casting an enchanting illumination across the space. The floor shares a similar semi-transparent nature, inducing an unsettling sensation of treading upon light itself.

Environmental Conditions:

The atmosphere in Level -0.1 is imbued with a subtle humidity, accompanied by a faint scent of ozone. A constant, soothing hum, reminiscent of the resonating sound of distant wind chimes, pervades the level. The bioluminescent walls radiate a gentle, comforting warmth, while the ambient temperature remains cool and comforting.


  • From Level -0: Certain particles within the mist of Level -0 can occasionally coalesce into portals, providing a gateway to Level -0.1.


  • To Level 0: Certain corridors in Level -0.1 can terminate abruptly, instigating an unexpected no-clip event that transports the wanderer back to the familiarity of Level 0.
  • To Level -0: On rare occasions, a Wisp can undergo a transformation into a portal, providing a path back to the nebulous Level -0.


Wisps: The Wisps represent the primary entities within this level. They exhibit signs of sentience but exhibit no forms of aggression, often responding to a wanderer's presence by drifting away in a nonchalant manner.

Object Interactions:

  • Walls: Physical contact with the walls induces a pleasurable tingling sensation, leaving behind a temporary glowing imprint of the hand.
  • Wisps: Interaction with Wisps is feasible, albeit generally unproductive, as they exhibit a tendency to float away when approached. However, they can, on occasion, lead to exit portals.

Known Strategies/Precautions:

  • Despite the generally benign environment, it's crucial to remain vigilant for sudden corridor endings that may inadvertently lead to other levels.
  • Whilst Wisps are non-aggressive, avoid physical contact with them, given the unpredictable nature of their behavior upon contact.
  • Hold onto the memory of the texture and sensation of the Level 0 walls. Concentrating on this recollection can help stimulate a no-clip event, facilitating escape from Level -0.1.