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Backrooms Novel Game provides a novel-like gaming experience where friendships, adventures, and learning collide.

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Backrooms Level 0: the lobby

The Backrooms Novel Game takes place in the urban legend based world of the Backrooms.

Players enter the backrooms by falling out of reality, also known as "no-clipping."

Backrooms Level 0: the lobby

Novel games, also called Multi-User Dungeons (MUDs) or Interactive Fiction (IF), are text based games. Novel games educate players by improving typing, reading, puzzle solving, and social skills.

Backrooms Level 0: the lobby

The Backrooms Novel Game release date is May 31, 2023. By joining now, you can share in the feedback process. Your feedback shapes the future of the Backrooms Novel Game.

Reading, Thinking, Memory

Since introducing my son to novel games ... "his typing and his thinking and memory have greatly increased. Since he started playing the game his reading comprehension and his reading speed has increased dramatically."
-Novel game research participant

Cornucopia of Learning

Novel games ... "provide an excellent social environment in which users (players) can learn a cornucopia of things about life including, but not limited to: the English language and writing, reading comprehension, typing skills, social interaction, cultural differences, computer programming, people managing skills, economics, memory, game theory, leadership skills, responsibility, and imagination."
-Dianne P. Butler

Lasting Friendships

"As we spend time with people and interact with them, even through a computer mediated interface we form associations. From passing acquaintances through to deep and lasting friendships."

Backrooms Novel Game

Book readers will enjoy Backrooms Novel Game. Take a break from the world of VR and 3D games, and set your imagination free. No feats of mouse or keyboard agility required.

Reading game

What are the backrooms?

Accidentally slipping or falling out of our reality by "no clipping", we find a liminal, hidden world known as the backrooms. You suddenly fall through a solid floor or slip through a wall. You find yourself in an endless maze of empty, abandoned, offices with a hideous yellow wallpaper. Wandering through the laberinth of these rooms all you find are old, stained, damp carpets and buzzing fluorescent lights.

You hear something walking across the damp carpet from just around the corner. It doesn't sound like the gait of a human, ... or an animal.

You have found the Lobby, also known as level 0 of the backrooms. If you escape level 0 without dying, or going insane, you will find an infinite set of other levels all different than the Lobby. Most levels are dangerous.

Do you have a list of backrooms levels?

There are an infinite number of backrooms levels. Hundreds have been described, sometimes with conflicting descriptions. Most backrooms levels have not been imagined, yet.

I am working on an interactive map of the backrooms levels. I'll post more information when it is working.

How much does Backrooms Novel Game cost?

Backrooms Novel Game is free to play. However, it costs a small fortune to host and develop Backrooms Novel Game. If you want to support our game, please buy our merch.

What stage of development is this game at?

This game is at an alpha stage. It is functional, but needs tons of work. If you join, you can give helpful feedback and suggestions for future development. Also, if I'm on the game please say, "Hi!"

How do I report a bug or make a suggestion?

Send me a Tweet or a DM at @TGeneDavis. I should see it. If not, send it again ;-)

How do I connect to the game?

Connect to the game directly from your browser using our secure web browser client. Our web client works on phones, tablets, and computers.

Many players of novel-like games use specialized "MUD" clients. These clients may not be as secure as our web browser client, but that may not be an issue if you are just playing a game. I always ask the question, "Would I feel comfortable shouting this conversation on a public bus or train?" If not, then use the most secure communication. In this case, that is our web client.

Having said that, any telnet client or MUD client can connect to the Backrooms Novel Game by connecting to host "" on port "4000". Two of the best specialized MUD clients are TinTin++ and Mudlet.

What tech does the Backrooms Novel Game use? is built on top of Evennia, which in turn is built on Python's Django. If you are looking to build your own MUD, read Evennia's extensive online documentation.


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MUD Research

The following pages summarize my research on Multi-User Dungeons (MUDs). The summaries include histories, insights, and technical mumbo jumbo. MUDs have a long and rich lore. MUDs predate personal computers and the Internet. MUDs do not, however, predate electricity, sunlight, written language, or me.

Summaries of Imaginary Realities MUD Ezine

Imaginary Realities was an e-zine dedicated to MUD related articles. I have included summaries of every article I can find. If anyone has missing articles, provide me with a link, and I will summarize it, too.

Fantasy Multi-user Dimension

Backrooms Levels

The following list of Backrooms levels is the same list found on the Backrooms Level Encyclopedia page. If you are looking for the first room everyone seems to enter the Backrooms at, look in the Lobby (Level 0).

knight combat

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Backrooms Novel Game.
A novel game for novel people!

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Limbo Library
The universally feared Limbo Library, ... hidden away in the backrooms.