Backrooms Level 99: "Reflective Abyss"

Level 99, designated "Reflective Abyss," is a disorientingly deceptive level, distinguished by its seemingly boundless stretch of mirrors.

An Overview:

The Reflective Abyss gives the illusion of infinite space, owing to an extensive assortment of mirrors that seemingly stretch on forever. The walls, floors, and ceilings are all constituted of reflective surfaces, endlessly mirroring one another, which can seriously hamper spatial orientation and navigation.

Environmental Conditions:

Despite the dizzying visuals, the air in this level is still and quiet, maintaining a somewhat chilly temperature. The light in this level, reflected ad infinitum, creates an overpowering brightness. This, coupled with the continual refractions, can lead to considerable confusion and disorientation.


  • From Level 4: Certain electrical discharges in Level 4 may unpredictably give rise to a portal to Level 99.
  • From Level 50: Gazing into the twilight for extended periods can unexpectedly transition the observer to Level 99.


  • To Level 4: Shattering a mirror in this level might give rise to a portal that leads back to Level 4.
  • To Level 50: If a wanderer is able to locate their own reflection amidst the infinite mirrors and manages to touch it, they may find themselves abruptly shifted back to Level 50.


Mirror-Beings: The infinite mirrors of the Reflective Abyss harbor entities referred to as Mirror-Beings. These entities imitate the actions of the wanderers, but they don't always perfectly reflect the wanderers' movements. If a Mirror-Being's actions start to deviate from the wanderer's, it's considered a bad omen.

Object Interactions:

  • Mirrors: Apart from shaping the environment, the mirrors also act as potential gateways to other levels. Breaking a mirror may create a passage back to Level 4, while touching one's reflection might shift the wanderer to Level 50.

Known Strategies/Precautions:

  • Avoid prolonged eye contact with the mirrors to minimize the risk of disorientation and confusion.
  • Maintain vigilance towards the Mirror-Beings. If their movements start diverging from yours, anticipate potential dangers.
  • Carrying a light source can help navigate through the overwhelming brightness, but be careful to avoid producing excessive reflections that might complicate navigation.