Backrooms Level -33.1: Poolrooms

Level -33.1, AKA "Poolrooms," sometimes classified under a different level number (such as level 37), looks like a mad man's indoor, water park dream.

Rooms and Rooms of Wading Pools:

Imagine an old fashioned pool with hand laid tile everywhere. Now imagine another room, and another, and another. This wading pool never ends. Room after rooms of tiled pools to sludge through.

Environment Conditions:

Humid and muggy, but sometimes chilly and muggy. The poolrooms reside inside. No hint of fresh air, sun or sky as far as you can see.

Backrooms Level -33.1: Poolrooms


  • From Level 0 (The Lobby): Areas within Level -33.1 with particularly deep waters can unpredictably transition into other levels without warning. Be careful.


  • To Level 0 (The Lobby): Escape back to The Lobby when you get homesick for those lovely yellow walls.
  • Random Shifts: Other exits exist, but often go undocumented.


Drowned Reflection: This entity originates in the Poolrooms, but migrates to other levels and even the real world. Careful of those reflections. They deceive.

Known Strategies/Precautions:

  • Steer clear of whirlpools and deep waters in the Poolrooms. They transition to unexplored levels, and harbor lethal entities.
  • Strive to locate stairs. The Poolrooms occupy multiple floors. Rumors indicate that the upper most floors contain exits to the Lobby.