Backrooms Level 27: "The Quiet Quagmire"

Welcome to Backrooms Level 27, also known as "The Quiet Quagmire", a marsh-like environment filled with unnaturally viscous, stagnant waters and permeated by dense fog that restricts visibility.


Level 27 mirrors a dark, fog-filled marshland, with still bodies of thick, almost semi-solid water that vary in depth from ankle to waist-height. This level's visibility is severely limited due to a permanent, dense fog. The ground is soft and squishy, making movements slow and demanding.

Atmospheric Conditions:

The ambient temperature in Level 27 is consistently chilly, and the damp air intensifies the uncomfortable conditions. A strong odor of decaying vegetation pervades the area. The absolute silence of this level, broken only by sporadic squelching noises and occasional drips of thick liquid, contributes to its eerie aura.

Entry Points:

  • From The Unfamiliar Familiar (Level 26): An exit from Level 26 can lead wanderers directly into the heart of the Quiet Quagmire.

Exit Points:

  • Towards The Hallway of Echoes (Level 28): Submerging oneself in one of the deeper pools of the quagmire and then resurfacing can facilitate a transition to Level 28.

Local Entities:

The Silent Stalkers: These entities lurk beneath the quagmire's surface, only revealing their presence through occasional ripples in the thick liquid. It is advisable to avoid the deeper pools to prevent potential encounters.


  • Glowing Mushrooms: The primary light source in Level 27 comes from bioluminescent fungi that sprout plentifully. These mushrooms are not harmful and can serve as path markers or as handheld light sources.

Survival Strategies:

  • Avoid the deeper parts of the quagmire to decrease the likelihood of encountering Silent Stalkers.
  • Utilize the glowing mushrooms to mark your path and prevent getting lost in the dense fog.
  • Strive to stay dry and warm to stave off hypothermia in the cold, damp conditions.