Backrooms Level -14: "Distorted Dimension's Dance"

Encounter Backrooms Level -14, the "Distorted Dimension's Dance", a mesmerizing domain where the very fabric of reality contorts and changes ceaselessly, performing an enigmatic dance of existence.


Envision a dynamic tableau where the physical spaces twist, extend, and contract in an unending flux, pulsating with an entrancing rhythm. Constructual features such as walls, floors, and ceilings, appear to ebb and flow in a synchrony that mirrors a surrealistic ballet.

Atmospheric Conditions:

Heaviness characterizes the atmosphere, accompanied by a potent ozone odor. Temperatures sway in harmony with the environment's rhythm, oscillating between gentle warmth and subtle coldness. Light plays a capricious game, with luminous rays and dark shadows dancing and shifting alongside the environment's movement.

Entry Points:

  • From Twisted Tango of Shadows (Level -15): In certain instances within Level -15, shadows might liquefy and morph into portals that lead to Level -14.

Exit Points:

  • Towards Serene Symphony of Silence (Level -13): By attuning oneself to the rhythmic undulations of this dancing dimension and yielding to the flow, a transition to Level -13 might be triggered.

Local Entities:

Pulsars: These entities are capable of thriving in the dynamic environment of Level -14. They display a fluid flexibility in their form and magnitude, mimicking the rhythmic distortions of the environment.


  • Fluctuating Structures: Although the perpetually transforming structures of this level pose a navigation challenge, they can occasionally provide temporary passageways or safe havens.

Survival Tips:

  • Stay poised and alert. The environment's rapid transformations can lead to disorientation and induce panic.
  • Approach Pulsars with caution as their shape-shifting nature makes them unpredictable. Avoid direct interaction when possible.
  • Strive to resonate with the rhythm of the distortions, as understanding the patterns can aid navigation and potentially unveil the route to Level -13.