Backrooms Level 6: Welcome to "The Neighborhood"

Alright, next stop, Level 6, the "The Neighborhood". This place is gonna twist your brain—it's a suburb, sure, but there's something seriously out of whack about it.

So, what are we dealing with?

Think of a suburb that fell out of your weirdest dreams—streets chock-full of houses that run the gamut from cutesy bungalows to towering two-story monstrosities. Only thing is, they've seen better days. The parks are all played out, the roads are coming apart at the seams, and plants are trying to reclaim their territory. Oh, and it's always twilight here. Because why not, right?

What's the vibe?

The air's got that cool, autumn evening feel. If it weren't for the musty smell of decay, it'd be quite refreshing. Long shadows are the order of the day here, so expect things to look a little... twisted. As for the soundtrack, you've got leaves whispering in the breeze and the low hum of machinery somewhere in the distance.

How do I get in?

  • Doors from Level 5: Step off a transport vehicle from Level 5 through the right door and voila, you're in the 'burbs of Level 6.

How do I get out?

  • Doors in the Houses: Feeling adventurous? Try a door in one of the houses. Could lead somewhere new, could lead somewhere old. Either way, it's a ride, right?

Who else is here?

Shadow Figures: There's always someone in the corner of your eye here. They keep to themselves, but they sure know how to give you the creeps.

What's the 411?

  • Household Items: Ordinary stuff in the houses might not be so ordinary here. Some of it could be helpful, some of it... not so much. It's a gamble, like everything else here.

Got any tips?

  • This place might look familiar, but don't let it fool you. You're not in Kansas anymore.
  • The Shadow Figures? They're just there to mess with your head. Do your best to ignore them.
  • And the houses? Be careful where you tread—you never know where a door might take you.