Backrooms Level 24: "The Echoing Abyss"

Backrooms Level 24, also known as "The Echoing Abyss", is a boundless, gloomy void filled with a chorus of echoing sounds that seemingly come from nowhere.


Level 24 appears as a massive, seemingly endless void, lacking any discernible features or landmarks. The void is filled with perpetual twilight, the light source is unknown, and visibility is often low, giving an unsettling sense of infinite emptiness.

Environment Conditions:

The temperature here is consistently chilly, and the air is thin and slightly damp. An echoing chorus of sound - soft whispers, occasional laughter, indistinct chatter, and sometimes terrified screams - fills the level, adding to the eerie ambiance.


  • From Level 23: Doors in the Shifting Halls can lead to the Echoing Abyss when opened with a sense of dread or fear.


  • To Level 23: Occasionally, floating platforms appear in the void, leading to a door that returns to Level 23.
  • To Level 25: Achieving a state of calm in this frightening environment may result in being transported to Level 25, the "Hall of Harmonic Resonance".


Whisperers: These unseen entities are responsible for the sounds that permeate the void. They don't appear to have any physical form and do not interact directly with wanderers, but their noises can be disorienting or disturbing.

Object Interactions:

  • Floating Platforms: These platforms occasionally appear, acting as stepping stones to doors leading out of the Echoing Abyss. Use them with caution, as they can be unstable.

Known Strategies/Precautions:

  • Be careful not to lose your sense of direction in this featureless void. Use any means necessary to keep your bearings.
  • Try to remain calm despite the eerie sounds. Achieving tranquility might help you find an exit.
  • When a floating platform appears, move quickly but cautiously. Do not linger, as they can disappear as suddenly as they appear.