Backrooms Level 21 ("The Verdant Vista")

Welcome to Level 21, lovingly termed "The Greenhouse", a sprawling panorama of indoor gardens and conservatories.

Details of the Domain:

Imagine a space, packed end-to-end with greenhouses—that's Level 21 for you. And within these interconnected spaces thrives a plethora of plants, some as common as your home fern, others so exotic, they defy identification. The flora runs wild here, enveloping the surroundings in a rich, green hug.

The Setting:

The environment embraces warmth and luxuriates in high humidity. The air holds a rich, earthy aroma—a blend of potent greenery. Listen carefully, and you'll hear the constant companions of this level—the soft pitter-patter of dripping water and the gentle rustle of leaves. Although no suns are visible, sunlight streams through the glass ceilings, bathing the space in ample light.


  • From Level 19: Ever noticed the 'windows' in Level 19? Some of them could be your passage into Level 21.
  • From Level 6: Now and then, a house in Level 6 might surprise you with a door that leads straight to Level 21.


  • Plant Portals: Some of the larger plants aren't just pretty faces—they double up as portals to Level 6 when entered.
  • Conservatory Crossings: Certain conservatory doors could be your exit ticket, leading you back to Level 19.


Green Thumbs: Humanoid entities with a knack for gardening. These creatures are often seen tending to the plants. They don't pay much heed to wanderers, but they won't hesitate to defend themselves if threatened.

Object Opportunities:

  • Colossal Flora: Some of the large plants play a dual role—as well as being part of the scenery, they act as gateways back to Level 6.
  • Conservatory Exits: Certain conservatory doors serve as exits, taking you back to Level 19.

Survival Hints:

  • It's best not to ruffle the feathers of the Green Thumbs. They're harmless until you provoke them.
  • Stay vigilant while navigating the dense plant growth. Some plants could be harmful or even toxic.
  • Hydration is your best friend. With the high temperature and humidity, it's crucial to keep your water levels up.