Backrooms Level 38: "The Unending Staircase"

Known as "The Unending Staircase", Backrooms Level 38 is a perplexing labyrinth of ceaseless, winding stairs that contradict conventional understanding of architecture and space.


Level 38 manifests as a complex labyrinth of infinite staircases suspended within a boundless, seemingly endless void. The staircases curve, intersect, loop and occasionally lead to paradoxical destinations, reminiscent of M.C. Escher's artwork. Made from smooth, cool stone, these stairs resonate with the hollow echo of footsteps.

Environment Conditions:

The environment maintains a constant cool temperature, and the air is heavy with echo. There are no visible light fixtures, but a soft, sourceless luminescence fills the space, illuminating the stairways. A faint, consistent sound of distant footsteps can be heard throughout this level.


  • From Level 37: The entrance to Level 38 is through the wooden door from Level 37, which opens at the base of one of the staircases.


  • To Level 39: One specific staircase, identifiable by a slight increase in the ambient glow, spirals up to a platform where a wooden door leads to Level 39. However, locating this staircase is a challenge due to the convoluted nature of this level.


Stairwalkers: Stairwalkers are shadowy entities that briefly appear in peripheral vision. They possess a humanoid shape and are more often heard than seen. Their motivations and behaviors remain a mystery.

Object Interactions:

  • Shadow Stones: Occasionally, some stones on the stairs cast darker shadows than their surroundings. These stones are unusually cold and cause a mild sense of disorientation when held, potentially serving as a tool for distraction.

Known Strategies/Precautions:

  • Preserve a steady pace and avoid hasty movements. The confusing structure of Level 38 can easily lead to accidents or further disorientation.
  • Take note of the ambient glow's intensity as you traverse the level. It could be a crucial clue in locating the exit.
  • Avoid interaction with the Stairwalkers as much as possible.