Backrooms Level 18 ("The Endless Depot")

Level 18, ominously dubbed "The Warehouse," is an immense, industrial warehouse, stretching into infinity, its towering shelves stacked with unmarked crates creating a labyrinthine monstrosity.

A Walkthrough:

Imagine being in an immense warehouse, where towering, monolithic shelves stretch as far as the eye can see. These shelves are cluttered with unmarked crates and nondescript boxes, a testament to forgotten inventory. The remarkable absence of machinery or tools lends an eerie silence to this behemoth of a depot. The only semblance of order comes from numbered aisle markers and infrequent overhead lights piercing through the dust-filled air.

Atmospheric Conditions:

The ambiance in Level 18 is unchanging—always cool, the air heavy with the smell of old wood, rust, and dust. Sound behaves oddly here, bouncing off crates and shelves to create misleading echoes. Light sources are far between, with occasional overhead lights casting long, foreboding shadows. It's as if gravity is the only familiar thing here.

Ways to Enter:

  • Winning Your Way from Level 16: Sometimes, an arcade victory in Level 16 opens an unexpected gate to Level 18.
  • House-to-Warehouse from Level 17: Occasionally, the back door of a suburban house in Level 17 may swing open to reveal the sprawling warehouse of Level 18.


  • Portals in a Crate: Hidden among the sea of crates are some that contain portals to Level 16, discernable only when opened.
  • The Long Aisle to Level 0: Select an aisle, stick to it, turn not—this might deliver you to Level 0.


Caretakers: The only other denizens are entities that resemble human workers. Dressed in work attire, they seem busy organizing the crates, paying no mind to wanderers in their domain.

Objects to Interact With:

  • Mystery Crates: Among the countless crates in Level 18, some act as gateways to Level 16, indistinguishable until you dare to pry one open.

Staying Alive:

  • Respect the Caretakers' space—they're peaceful unless provoked. Let them go about their endless chore in peace.
  • Beware the deceitful echoes. The acoustics here can mislead your senses, giving rise to confusion and disorientation.
  • Remember the aisle markers—they're your breadcrumbs in this sea of uniformity, guiding your steps and marking your progress.