Backrooms Level 28: "The Hallway of Holograms"

Welcome to Backrooms Level 28, "The Hallway of Holograms", a kaleidoscopic labyrinth composed of countless intersecting holographic corridors, each one featuring a panorama of mesmerizing visuals.


Level 28 manifests as an endless maze of hallways, each filled with changing holographic projections. These projections range from simple static objects like trees or rocks to intricate, dynamic scenes that form immersive environments. The level's semi-transparent floor, walls, and ceiling compound the feeling of wandering within a 3D matrix of vibrant lights and shifting colors.

Atmospheric Conditions:

The ambient lighting in Level 28 is derived from the luminescent holograms, which continually morph and transition. The air within this level is crisp, cool, and devoid of smell. Interestingly, sounds within Level 28 have no echo; they are absorbed instantly upon creation, contributing to the level's eerie quiet.

Entry Points:

  • From The Quiet Quagmire (Level 27): Submerging oneself in one of Level 27's deeper pools and then resurfacing can transport wanderers to the Hallway of Holograms.

Exit Points:

  • Towards The Infinite Stacks (Level 29): Exiting Level 28 involves locating a specific holographic exit door and stepping through it. The challenge lies in the fact that the correct door is in constant flux and can only be found through vigilant observation and pattern recognition.

Local Entities:

The Holoforms: Semi-autonomous holographic entities known as Holoforms inhabit Level 28. They appear as distorted humanoid silhouettes that can interact with the surrounding environment. While they are not inherently hostile, their presence and behavior can be disconcerting to wanderers.


  • Holographic Projections: The holographic images in Level 28 are intangible. Attempts to touch or interact with these projections will result in one's hand simply phasing through them.

Survival Strategies:

  • Stay focused. The entrancing and ever-shifting holographic environments can induce disorientation, leading to confusion and panic.
  • Observe Holoforms from a distance to avoid unknown reactions that could potentially result from direct contact.
  • Exercise patience and attentiveness when trying to locate the shifting exit door. Spotting patterns in its changes can be key to identifying it correctly.