Backrooms Level 2: Welcome to the Concrete Jungle

Step into Level 2 of the Backrooms, and you'll find the corporate carpet replaced by cold concrete and cold steel—an unexpected industrial revolution.

A Tour of the New Premises:

Goodbye yellow wallpaper, hello unforgiving concrete walls and towering metal structures. It's a maze of tight corridors, utility rooms that look like they've been abandoned for centuries, and the occasional cavernous storage area. In place of the usual quiet, there's a constant clatter of electrical equipment and hissing pipes, adding a touch of noisy authenticity.

Changing Climates:

Where it was once tropical, it's now akin to a cool spring day, at around 20 degrees Celsius. Your tropical humidity has packed its bags, leaving in its place dry, parched air. Trade in the smell of decayed carpet for a nostril-tingling whiff of concrete dust and the rare ozone perfume. The electric hum and metallic clatter is a far cry from the monotonous drone of flickering fluorescent lights. Lighting's taken an upgrade too—industrial strength, but still loves a good flicker.

Inbound From:

  • Level 1's Staircases: Find the stairs in Level 1, and you've found your one-way ticket to Level 2.

Outbound To:

  • Staircases: The staircases continue their streak as the primary method of advancing, promising passage to Level 3.
  • Capricious Doorways: In the mood for some déjà vu? Some doors may dump you back into Level 1. Feeling adventurous? Others might offer a one-way trip to completely different levels.

Who's Here:

Smilers: The Smilers are still around, albeit less common. But rare or not, they're still just as unsettling.

Skin-Stealers: They're in fewer numbers here, but that doesn't make them any less dangerous. Steer clear.

Electric Worms: Imagine a glow worm but with a shocking personality. Attracted to all things electrical, they're a potential hazard.

Touch But Don't Touch:

  • Electric Playground: Electrical equipment, sometimes dormant, sometimes erratic, always risky. Best practice? Hands off. Shocks are a very real threat.

Surviving Level 2:

  • Remember the electric equipment? Yeah, keep your distance. Unless you want to be an Electric Worm's next meal.
  • Remember your survival strategies from Level 1? Apply. Rinse. Repeat.
  • Staircases are your lifeline. Follow them, and maybe you'll live to see Level 3.