Backrooms Level -3.4: "Celestial Dunes"

Immerse yourself in the enigma of the Backrooms Level -3.4, better known as the "Celestial Dunes", a mirage of an infinite desert landscape with undulating dunes under a night sky ablaze with countless twinkling stars.


Level -3.4 materializes as an endless desert under an obsidian sky, densely scattered with glistening stars. The sand is an elegant, deep violet grain that ceaselessly shifts, shaping an ever-changing landscape of undulating dunes. Some stars seem extraordinarily proximate, appearing as radiant orbs that hover above the dunes, casting an ethereal glow.

Environment Conditions:

The air carries the crispness of the night, staying cool and dry. Despite the absence of wind, the sand seems to have a life of its own, constantly shifting. The luminescent stars are the sole source of light, casting a soft, enchanting glow across the expansive desert. The tranquility is only interrupted by the gentle sound of shifting sand.


  • From Level -3.3: Occasionally, the depths of the abyss within the Abyss Labyrinth can mirror the starlit sky of the Celestial Dunes, forging a gateway to this level.


  • To Level -3.3: The constantly shifting sands may sometimes reveal a solid, black, stone-like surface that, upon touch, opens a portal back to the Abyss Labyrinth.


Stargazers: Stargazers, resembling humanoid silhouettes, are always found in a state of contemplation, gazing up at the stars. They exhibit no desire for interaction with wanderers.

Object Interactions:

  • Hovering Orbs: These orbs, akin to proximate stars, hover above the desert surface. They are warm to the touch and radiate a gentle light.

Known Strategies/Precautions:

  • Continual movement is crucial, as remaining stationary might cause a wanderer to be swallowed by the shifting sands.
  • Steer clear of the Stargazers. Although peaceful, they show a preference for solitude.
  • The Hovering Orbs can serve as a light source in darker areas.