Backrooms Level -3.6: "The Cursed Library"

Introducing Backrooms Level -3.6, ominously named "The Cursed Library", a bewildering labyrinth populated by ancient, dust-filled libraries, each teeming with countless, unsettling volumes.


Level -3.6 presents itself as an immense, maze-like library, characterized by ceaseless rows of towering bookshelves stretching towards an imposing, vaulted ceiling. The structural design is reminiscent of ancient Greco-Roman architecture, featuring stoic stone pillars and marble flooring. A dim, ghostly light pervades the atmosphere, casting spectral shadows that flit and gyrate between the aisles.

Environment Conditions:

The air is oppressively dry, heavy with the potent, musty aroma of ancient books and decayed parchment. The temperature rests just below the comfort of room temperature, bringing an unnerving chill to the surroundings. The eerie quiet is only broken by the spectral sound of pages turning and the quiet whisper of disturbed dust particles, amplifying the haunting ambiance of the level.


  • From Level -3.5: Certain fragments in The Shattered Expanse may spontaneously transform into old, wooden doors that serve as an entrance into The Cursed Library.


  • To Level -3.5: Specific volumes within the library, when pulled from their shelves, reveal hidden pathways that lead directly back to The Shattered Expanse.


Curators: Curators are ghostly humanoid entities that ceaselessly glide through the library's corridors, continually arranging and cataloging the numerous books. They largely ignore wanderers, unless they observe the books being damaged or handled improperly.

Object Interactions:

  • Books: The volumes found within The Cursed Library cover an unsettlingly diverse array of subjects, ranging from mundane topics to disturbingly strange phenomena. While many are written in recognizable languages, others are inscribed in ominous scripts that trigger an unnerving sense of unease.

Known Strategies/Precautions:

  • Maintain a respectful demeanor towards the library and its contents to avoid invoking the Curators' ire.
  • Establish a marking system to track your progress through the labyrinth and prevent getting lost.
  • While the library's books may offer invaluable knowledge, avoid reading the ones written in unfamiliar scripts, as their contents can induce disorienting and debilitating effects.