Backrooms Level 17 ("The Quiet Cul-de-Sac")

Level 17, or "The Suburbs" as it's often dubbed, mirrors an unending suburban sprawl, replete with homes, manicured gardens, and silent streets.

Take a Peek:

The sight of Level 17 may comfort some, but its eerie emptiness stirs unease. Imagine a suburban neighborhood, homes of various designs lined up, streets paved and winding, cars parked, gardens blooming—yet not a soul in sight. The calm surface of this apparent normality hides an unsettling void.

Feel of the Place:

It feels like a warm, quiet day in spring—sunlight pouring down, yet no sun to be seen. The air is mild, filled with the nostalgic scent of fresh-cut grass. It’s as if time has paused, letting a singular, never-ending day reign over this level.

Ways to Enter:

  • A Straight Path from Level 0: In some rare instances, persistently walking straight in Level 0 will lead you to Level 17.
  • Doorways from Level 5: Doors in Level 5 might unexpectedly spill you into the quiet streets of Level 17.


  • Houses as Portals: A ticket to another level of the Backrooms might be hidden behind the doors of certain houses in Level 17.
  • The Long Road Home: Choose a road, stick to it without any detours, and you might find yourself back in Level 0.

The Residents:

Shadows: The only signs of life—or unlife?—are the silhouetted figures lurking behind windows or at the far ends of streets. They won’t respond to your calls and vanish if approached.

Interactions of Note:

  • House Portals: The houses in Level 17 might be more than they seem. Some act as unpredictable gateways to other levels.

Surviving the Suburb:

  • Best to avoid the Shadows—they disappear if you approach them and could be mere hallucinations, a byproduct of the disturbing silence.
  • Try entering houses. They could serve as your escape route out of this silent suburbia.
  • Maintain your sense of direction when roaming the streets. It's easy to lose your bearings in the disorienting monotony.