Backrooms Level -1.1: "The Resound"

Level -1.1, often referred to as "The Resound," is an enigmatic plane in the Backrooms, replicating the structure of Level -1 but superimposed with confounding sonic properties.

Unraveling The Resound:

Displaying a striking resemblance to Level -1, Level -1.1 manifests as a network of basement-like chambers. The peculiarity of this level lies in its pervasive echo effect—every sound, every rustle, every murmur is reflected back with an uncanny delay, creating a disorienting auditory illusion.

Environment Conditions:

The Resound shares similar temperature and humidity attributes with Level -1. Nevertheless, the relentless echo effect seems to impart a sense of enhanced density to the environment. The lighting conditions lean towards the dimmer side compared to Level -1, exacerbating the overall sense of disorientation.


  • From Level -1: Under rare circumstances, a wanderer might cross a threshold in Level -1 only to find themselves ensnared in the perplexing sonic landscape of Level -1.1.
  • Random Shifts: Unpredictable shifts from disparate levels have the potential to deposit an individual in Level -1.1.


  • To Level -1: A successful exit back to Level -1 can be accomplished by locating a doorway that, unlike the customary reflective behavior of this level, allows you to transition smoothly.
  • Random Shifts: In alignment with the unpredictable nature of the Backrooms, spontaneous shifts can catapult a wanderer to other levels without warning.


None: No known entities have been reported in Level -1.1. However, the omnipresent echo can craft the illusion of unseen entities, adding a psychological layer to the challenges.

Object Interactions:

  • Sound Echoes: All sound interactions within Level -1.1 are subjected to the echo effect. This property can disorient wanderers, but comprehension of this phenomenon can aid in distinguishing actual threats from deceptive echoes.

Known Strategies/Precautions:

  • Attempt to minimize noise generation to lessen the impact of the echo effect.
  • Keep meticulous track of your path to combat the disorientation caused by the echoing sounds.
  • Even in the absence of known entities, caution is paramount. The relentless echoes can create phantoms of entities, potentially obscuring genuine threats.