Backrooms Level -0.8: "The Crystal Caves"

Welcome to Backrooms Level -0.8. Say hello to "The Crystal Caves", a majestic underground realm studded with shimmering, glowing crystals. Now that's something to behold!


Imagine an infinite labyrinth of caves where every wall, floor, and ceiling is encrusted with brilliant, luminescent crystals. These crystals, dancing with a spectrum of colors, cast a hypnotic light show that paints the caves in strokes of otherworldly beauty.

Environment Conditions:

The air here is clean and thin, almost sharp, and it's always pleasantly cool. Sound doesn't travel far, making it eerily quiet. Occasionally, you might catch the echo of a sound too far off to identify. Oh, and the crystals? They hum. Touch one and it vibrates gently, like it's alive.


  • From Level -0.7: Every once in a blue moon, stepping off the Endless Highway into the fog can surprisingly transport you to Level -0.8. Who knew, right?


  • To Level -0.7: Want to head back? Find a cluster of crystals and apply pressure till they crack. You'll have your portal back to Level -0.7 in no time. Just be careful not to cause a cave-in!


Crystal Crawlers: The only other inhabitants here are the Crystal Crawlers. They're like giant spiders, but made entirely of crystals. As eerie as they sound, they're usually harmless unless you bother them.

Object Interactions:

  • Crystals: The humming, vibrating crystals can be your ticket out of here. Handle with care though, they're pretty sharp.

Known Strategies/Precautions:

  • Keep your distance from the Crystal Crawlers unless you want a fight on your hands.
  • Watch out for the sharp crystals. You wouldn't want a nasty cut, would you?
  • When you're ready to exit, gently apply pressure to the crystals. You want to make a portal, not a rockslide.