Backrooms Level 48: "The Chilling Cellar"

Known as "The Chilling Cellar" or Backrooms Level 48, this level is a suffocating network of ice-cold, dim basements linked by serpentine staircases and ancient doors.


This level manifests as a seemingly infinite series of chilly, gloomily lit basements characterized by low ceilings. The atmosphere is permeated by a sense of moisture and the omnipresent chill is pervasive. The aging and deteriorating architecture heightens a sense of intense unease and claustrophobia.

Environment Conditions:

The air is frigid and laden with a musty, mold-like odor. The damp conditions cause a thin frost layer to settle on every surface. The only audible sound is the unending, unsettling water drip from invisible sources.


  • From Level 47: A portal that leads into The Chilling Cellar materializes when constellations are correctly aligned in "The Shattered Observatory".


  • To Level 49: Behind frost-encrusted doors in certain cold rooms lie freezing portals that lead to Level 49.


The Shivers: Ethereal entities known as The Shivers silently waft through the cold, signifying their presence through a sudden temperature drop and an unsettling aura. It is strongly advised to avoid direct contact.

Object Interactions:

  • Frozen Artifacts: Various objects enshrined in thick ice layers are strewn across the basements. Their origin and function remain a mystery.

Known Strategies/Precautions:

  • Steer clear of direct contact with The Shivers as they can trigger acute hypothermia and induce paranoia.
  • Ensure you are well insulated against the cold and refrain from lingering in one location for extended periods.
  • Sound serves as a crucial navigational tool in this level. Stay alert for the dripping noise, which often signals the proximity of a door leading to the next room.