Backrooms Level -ψ: "The Mind's Mirage"

Backrooms Level -ψ, referred to as "The Mind's Mirage", is a level within the Backrooms that tests the psychological resilience of the wanderer. Its appearance is subjective, altering according to the thoughts, memories, and emotions of each individual wanderer.


The Mind's Mirage stands out due to its lack of a consistent physical manifestation. Its form is an ever-changing reflection of the subconscious mind of the wanderer, ranging from recognizable places from a wanderer's past to abstract landscapes generated by their current thoughts or emotions. Depending on one's mental state, this level can be as beautiful or terrifying, as comforting or unsettling.

Environment Conditions:

The environmental conditions of this level are also subject to the personal experiences of the wanderer. The temperature, smells, sounds, and even tastes can shift dramatically according to the individual's mental state. This level is the only known area in the Backrooms where natural elements such as water, wind, or sunshine can be perceived, albeit subjectively.


  • From Level -ω: Achieving a profound state of meditation or introspection in Level -ω can transport a wanderer into The Mind's Mirage.


  • To Level -ω: Recognizing the illusory nature of Level -ψ and focusing on the recollection of Level -ω can guide the wanderer back.


Phantoms: Phantoms are the native entities of Level -ψ. They adopt forms from the wanderer's subconscious, potentially appearing as familiar people, animals, or objects. While typically non-aggressive, they may become threatening if the wanderer's mental state becomes destabilized.

Object Interactions:

  • Illusory Objects: All objects within The Mind's Mirage are manifestations of the wanderer's psyche. While these objects can be interacted with, they lack physical substance.

Known Strategies/Precautions:

  • Recognize the deceptive nature of this level. Remember, everything you perceive in Level -ψ, whether sight, sound, touch, or otherwise, is a projection of your mind.
  • Sustain a balanced emotional and mental state. Negative emotions like anxiety or fear can provoke the level to turn hostile.
  • Interact cautiously with Phantoms. While they might provide comfort, they can also transform into sources of distress.
  • Hold onto a vivid recollection of Level -ω. This memory will serve as your escape route from The Mind's Mirage when necessary.