Backrooms Level 32: "Time Traveler's Terminal"

The Time Traveler's Terminal, also known as Backrooms Level 32, is an eccentric anomaly within the Backrooms renowned for its demonstration of time dilation and manipulation.


Level 32 resembles an antiquated, mid-20th-century airport terminal. It's marked by the presence of analog clocks on the walls, each indicating a distinct time. The terminal encompasses various gates, all labeled in an indecipherable language. A perpetual state of twilight shadows the terminal. The public address system recurrently announces flights bound for unfamiliar destinations in a myriad of languages, some unrecognizable.

Environmental Conditions:

The air inside Level 32 is musty, tinged with the faint aroma of jet fuel and stale coffee. The lighting is subdued, casting a slight sepia tone over everything. The level is consistently chilly, akin to a heavily air-conditioned structure.


  • From The Obscure Overpass (Level 31): Traversing a specific array of turns and intersections on the walkways of Level 31 can lead explorers into the Time Traveler's Terminal.


  • To The Echoing Edifice (Level 33): Upon hearing their name announced over the public address system, a wanderer can board the corresponding flight and find themselves in Level 33. The determining factors for the selection of names remain a mystery.


The Terminal Staff: These entities mirror the appearance of a retro flight crew, including pilots, stewards, and stewardesses. Typically non-aggressive, they might become hostile if a wanderer attempts to board a flight without their name being announced.


  • Clocks: The clocks adorning the walls operate at varying speeds, some even appearing to move backwards. Wanderers are strongly advised against trying to alter the time displayed on these clocks, as this action seems to agitate The Terminal Staff.

Survival Strategies:

  • Maintain calm and avoid creating any disturbance in the terminal. This action will help you avoid attracting the unwanted attention of The Terminal Staff.
  • Refrain from attempting to board any flights without hearing your name called over the public address system.
  • Stay vigilant for announcements in familiar languages, which may provide crucial information or warnings about the level.