Backrooms Level -4.1: "The Hollowed Ground"

Introducing Backrooms Level -4.1, also known as "The Hollowed Ground", a distressing imitation of a standard suburban neighborhood, conspicuously absent of all life and accompanying sounds.


This level reveals itself as a vast expanse of suburban residences, arranged in neat rows of identical houses. Each home adopts a mid-20th-century aesthetic, complete with pristine white picket fences, meticulously groomed lawns, and charmingly arranged gardens. Despite this, every house is uninhabited, every street deserted, and an uncanny silence permeates the environment.

Environment Conditions:

The air in this area is unnervingly still, maintaining a temperature that mimics typical indoor conditions, which creates an illusory sense of normality. Despite the continuous overcast sky, no weather changes occur – no gusts of wind, no rainfall, and certainly no day-night cycle.


  • From Level -4: Certain doorways in the "Empty City" can abruptly transition to "The Hollowed Ground".


  • To Level -4: Moving in a straight line away from any house gradually fades the environment back into the "Empty City".


No entities are known to inhabit Level -4.1, contributing to the chilling silence and desolation.

Object Interactions:

  • Houses: Though the houses can be entered, they are eerily void of occupants. Some dwellings may contain food and water, although these should be approached and consumed with caution.

Known Strategies/Precautions:

  • Despite the absence of any known entities, vigilance is advised. The Backrooms have a tendency to hide unseen threats.
  • Even though this level may appear safe, prolonged stays are not recommended due to the disconcerting ambiance and potential unknown risks.
  • Use items found within the houses cautiously; it's advisable to rely on supplies procured from other levels when possible.