Backrooms Level 19 ("The Game Grid")

Level 19, also dubbed "The Arcade", manifests as a colossal, nigh-endless playground of coin-operated amusement—home to a legion of game machines.

A Peek Into the Pixelated World:

Imagine stepping into the golden era of arcade gaming—only magnified a thousand-fold. Level 19 is an 80s-style arcade on an epic scale, brimming with both retro and modern game machines. Curiously, these machines hum with life, sans any visible source of power. The air buzzes with digital melodies and sound effects, while a spectacle of bright, pulsating lights paints an ever-changing tapestry of neon hues.

Setting the Scene:

The air holds a hint of chill, akin to a perfectly air-conditioned room. The symphony of bleeps and bloops, the sonic remnants of digital conflicts, fill the atmosphere. The illumination is as fickle as the games themselves, constantly shifting due to the kaleidoscope of colors dancing on the arcade screens.


  • Electronic Gateway from Level 4: On occasions, the tangled web of electronics in Level 4 can coalesce into an arcade machine, offering a route to Level 19 when engaged.
  • Gaming Triumphs in Level 16: In rare instances, high scores obtained on certain games in Level 16 can serve as an elusive portal to Level 19.


  • Victory Portals: Achieving a high score on specific game machines might open a path back to Level 16.
  • Escape Through the Exits: Doors, inconspicuously marked as 'Exit', often lead to the electric labyrinth of Level 4.


Arcaders: Ghostly figures, dubbed the Arcaders, are frequently seen immersed in the digital duels. They pay no mind to wanderers, their spectral attention wholly riveted on their pixelated battles.

Objects to Engage With:

  • Arcade Machines: Some arcade machines offer more than just digital diversions—they can morph into portals to Level 16, but only when bested by high scores.

Game Plan:

  • Let the Arcaders be—disturbing them might turn their indifference into hostility.
  • Strive to reach high scores on the arcade machines—these digital triumphs might just lead to physical escape.
  • Stay aware and grounded—the flashing lights and chaotic sounds can bewilder the senses, leading to confusion and disorientation.