Backrooms Level Δ: "Dimension Delta"

Level Δ, otherwise termed as "Dimension Delta," is a bewildering multidimensional realm nestled within the Backrooms, characterized by inconsistent adherence to the conventional laws of physics.

An Overview:

Dimension Delta manifests as a realm of perplexing curvatures where reality and geometry entangle in a baffling dance. Architectural constructs seemingly defy gravity, hovering without connection to surfaces, while entire areas of the level may abruptly invert or rotate without warning. The capricious shifts in gravitational forces and the terrain's erratic nature make maintaining spatial orientation a Herculean task.

Environmental Conditions:

Within this realm, one will encounter uncanny shapes - some vaguely recognizable, others utterly alien. The temperature varies wildly, influenced by the spatial contortions, swinging unpredictably between sweltering heat and bone-chilling cold. Lighting is a hit-and-miss affair due to the constant environmental flux, with sudden vacuums of darkness being routinely interrupted by abrupt, dazzling flashes of light.


  • From Level X: Passing through the central nexus of Level X might precipitate an unanticipated shift into Dimension Delta.
  • From Level Z: Unraveling the inherent paradox within Level Z could potentially manifest a portal leading to Level Δ.


  • To Level X: Locating a stable point amidst the tumultuous environment of Dimension Delta and concentrating on it might permit a successful transition back to Level X.
  • To Level Z: Unresolved paradoxes within Dimension Delta could pull the wanderer in, transporting them seamlessly into Level Z.


Fluxers: These unique entities have evolved to thrive within the dimensional flux, manipulating it to their benefit. Fluxers possess the uncanny ability to alter their spatial properties at will, phasing through matter and materializing or vanishing abruptly. Their intentions are shrouded in mystery and they pose a potential risk.

Object Interactions:

  • Geometric Manifestations: These structures, some reminiscent of known shapes, others inexplicably alien, dominate the landscape. Interaction with them might induce spatial distortion or even a dimensional shift.

Known Strategies/Precautions:

  • Maintain a high level of alertness and brace for sudden environmental shifts. In Dimension Delta, the unexpected should be anticipated.
  • Avoid direct encounters with Fluxers. Their capabilities and motives remain enigmatic and unpredictable.
  • Try to locate stable points within the fluctuating environment or maintain focus on a personal object to mitigate the disorientation caused by the ever-shifting landscape.