Backrooms Level 44: "Boneyard Tunnels"

"Boneyard Tunnels", referred to as Backrooms Level 44, is a crypt-like level composed of maze-like tunnels constructed entirely from interlocked bones.


The landscape of Level 44 is an extensive network of tunnels and passages, made up of bones of all shapes and sizes. The intricate design of this level evokes an uncanny sense of organic growth; as if the bones have fused and expanded into one another to construct these eerie passages. Hollow-eyed skulls decorate the walls, their silent stares haunting those brave enough to traverse these corridors.

Environment Conditions:

The air is unusually dry and carries a subtle scent of decay. The incessant clattering and grinding of bones resonate through the tunnels, producing a spine-chilling symphony. The level remains perpetually cold, with an icy draft sweeping through the passageways.


  • From Level 43: Portals from the "Whispered Secret's Well" may lead directly into the Boneyard Tunnels.


  • To Level 45: At certain points within the tunnels, the bones may reposition themselves to unveil concealed passages leading to Level 45.


Skeleton Serpents: These bone-constructed entities slither through the Boneyard Tunnels. They exhibit hostility when approached or disturbed but generally disregard wanderers if left alone.

Object Interactions:

  • Bones: The bones constituting this level are unexpectedly resilient and do not show any signs of degradation or damage. Their origin remains a mystery, and they appear resistant to all types of physical harm.

Known Strategies/Precautions:

  • Try to minimize contact with the bones. This action appears to reduce the likelihood of attracting the Skeleton Serpents.
  • Proceed with caution. The bone tunnels can alter and morph without warning, making it easy to lose your way.
  • Maintain your body temperature. The persistent cold in these tunnels can swiftly lead to hypothermia if not properly dressed.