Backrooms Level -11 ("The Oblivion")

Step into Level -11, ominously named "The Oblivion", a vastness of unfathomable blackness that seemingly twists the established laws of physics. Unlike the silent grayscale vacuum of Level -5, this darkness is all-consuming, presenting a disorientation far more intense.

Depiction of the Abyss:

Envision an enveloping blackness, an infinity where up, down, and distance dissolve into irrelevance. This isn't the peaceful solitude of Level -5—Level -11 weighs heavier on the soul, its oppression far more palpable. Occasionally, objects from different levels materialize, floating or gently drifting through the void, a spectacle unseen in Level -5.

Conditions of the Void:

The temperature here is an enigma, with reports of simultaneous hot and cold sensations, sharply contrasting with the unchanging cold of Level -5. The level is devoid of any scent, and sounds are eerily stifled, creating a silence that's uncanny. The darkness is absolute, often described as 'denser than the deepest night'.

Portals Into the Abyss:

  • From Level -10: For wanderers succumbing to heat and panic in Level -10, they may unexpectedly find themselves spiraling into Level -11.
  • From Level 13: Occasionally, the interstellar voids of Level 13 may act as bridges into Level -11.

Pathways Out:

  • Through Floating Relics: Interacting with floating objects can transport wanderers back to the corresponding level from which the object hails.

Unseen Dwellers:

Void Shades: Invisible entities that sow feelings of intense loneliness and despair. These unseen forces, unlike the mild hum of Level -5, are often sensed rather than seen, presenting a disconcerting presence.

Interaction Opportunities:

  • Floating Relics: Floating objects can serve as portals back to their originating levels when interacted with.

Survival Strategies:

  • Keep proximity to any floating objects; they could offer an escape route.
  • Resist the intense loneliness and despair brought on by the Void Shades; such emotions can disorient and incapacitate wanderers.
  • Carry a source of light. Despite limited effectiveness, it can help maintain a sense of orientation and guard against total disorientation.