Backrooms Level 26: "The Unfamiliar Familiar"

Welcome to Backrooms Level 26, or "The Unfamiliar Familiar", a peculiar level that morphs into an uncanny replica of familiar locations from a wanderer's past, though subtly distorted and unsettlingly skewed.


In Level 26, the environment morphs to mimic places familiar to the wanderer, such as childhood homes, schools, or workplaces. However, these mimicked spaces exhibit bizarre discrepancies, like rooms being inverted, streets bending at impossible angles, or familiar faces appearing disfigured or displaying abnormal behavior. This eerie distortion of familiar spaces renders this environment profoundly disturbing.

Atmospheric Conditions:

Although the environment adapts based on the wanderer's memories, it usually maintains a moderately lit, cooler-than-room-temperature atmosphere. The air smells faintly of old, dust-laden attics, and pervasive silence pervades the level, intermittently broken by distorted sounds reminiscent of the wanderer's past.

Entry Points:

  • From The Serpentine Labyrinth (Level 25): Reaching the heart of Level 25 may abruptly transport a wanderer into the Unfamiliar Familiar.

Exit Points:

  • Towards The Dimension of Distortions (Level 27): To escape, a wanderer must confront and fully accept the unnerving discrepancies within the distorted environment. Once this acceptance is achieved, an exit to Level 27 may materialize.

Local Entities:

Doppelgangers: This level is inhabited by entities that replicate familiar faces from the wanderer's past, albeit with disquieting differences. Interactions with these doppelgangers can be disorienting and mentally distressing.


  • Memory Objects: Objects with personal significance to the wanderer may appear within Level 26. Interacting with these objects could potentially trigger the manifestation of an exit.

Survival Strategies:

  • Maintaining mental fortitude is crucial, as the level's uncanny nature can induce significant psychological strain.
  • Minimize interaction with doppelgangers to avoid increased mental distress.
  • Interact with objects from your memory as they could help in manifesting an exit to the next level.