Backrooms Level -9 ("The Watery Abyss")

Step into Level -9, otherwise known as "The Submerged", a boundless expanse that's a blend of submerged rooms and flooded corridors.

Waterlogged Wonders:

Level -9 is a submerged replica of the spaces you'll encounter in Level 0—same style of rooms and hallways, but here, they're awash in water. Depending on where you tread, the depth ranges from ankle-deep to complete immersion. Everywhere you glance—the walls, the floor, the ceiling—are sodden and frequently bedecked with an array of underwater flora.

Setting the Scene:

The chill of the water seeps into the surroundings, lending the air an almost icy, humid touch. The ever-present scent is that of stale, stagnant water, and it hangs heavy in the atmosphere. Light is scant and elusive; whatever illumination exists is diffused by the water, casting a muted glow.


  • From Level 7: Sometimes, leaky pipes in Level 7 might flood, morphing into a watery portal that spills into Level -9.
  • From Level 8: A few doorways in Level 8, typically those showing signs of excessive dampness, could open up to Level -9.


  • Down the Drain: Stumble upon a large drain system, and you might just find yourself back in the dry(er) confines of Level 7.
  • Submarine Doorways: Once in a while, fully submerged doors might provide a pathway back to Level 8.


The Water Wraiths: The depths of the water are home to shadowy figures—Water Wraiths, they're called. Normally, they're non-aggressive, but their presence can stir up feelings of paranoia and fear. Tread carefully.

Things You Can Use:

  • Drain Systems: Drains aren't just for water—they can serve as potential portals back to Level 7.
  • Underwater Doors: Odd as it may sound, some submerged doors can transport a wanderer back to Level 8, provided they're opened.

Survival Guide:

  • Give the Water Wraiths a wide berth—they can induce paranoia and fear, even if they're typically non-aggressive.
  • Keep an eye out for large drain systems—they might be your ticket out of here.
  • Always be prepared to hold your breath or, better yet, keep a breathing apparatus handy. You never know when full submersion might be unavoidable.