Backrooms Level 40: "The Wandering Castle"

Known as "The Wandering Castle", Backrooms Level 40 manifests as a vast, continually shifting castle, its structure constantly evolving and altering.


Level 40 appears as a colossal castle in a medieval architectural style, seemingly built from a combination of stone and various unidentified materials. The layout of the castle perpetually transforms, with corridors, chambers, and staircases continually reconfiguring. Despite this constant change, the castle maintains an aura of grandeur, characterized by intricate wall carvings and elaborate, splendid furniture.

Environment Conditions:

The interior atmosphere of the castle is dimly lit by flickering chandeliers. The environment is cool, and a slight damp scent reminiscent of aged stone permeates the air. Frequent sounds of shifting and grinding stone can be heard as the castle reshapes itself.


  • From Level 39: Some orbs in The Phantom Purgatory, when approached, will inflate and instantly transport wanderers to Level 40.


  • To Level 41: Certain rooms may contain hidden trapdoors in the floor that lead to Level 41. These trapdoors appear sporadically and are difficult to anticipate.


Sentinels: Sentinels are entities resembling knights who patrol the castle. They remain mostly passive unless provoked. If a wanderer is observed damaging the castle or causing disorder, the Sentinels will turn aggressive.

Object Interactions:

  • Castle Furnishings: The lavish furniture and decorations can be used as landmarks to keep track of one's progression and navigate the continuously shifting layout of the castle.

Known Strategies/Precautions:

  • Refrain from causing any disturbance or damage within the castle to avoid triggering the aggression of the Sentinels.
  • Stay vigilant of the castle's ever-changing layout and attempt to discern patterns. This may aid in navigating the labyrinthine castle and potentially locating an exit.
  • Remain alert to sudden alterations in the castle's structure to prevent getting ensnared or isolated.