Backrooms Level -15 ("The Enigma Lockers")

Brace yourself for Level -15, the "Enigma Lockers". Imagine walking through a vast, labyrinthine complex of shadowy corridors, lined wall-to-wall with lockers. Gives you the shivers like an eerie school or gym locker room, doesn't it?


This puzzling level is a never-ending maze of locker-lined passageways, interspersed here and there with bathrooms stuck in time and deserted classrooms. Curiously, all the locker doors are locked tight, and if you dare to try to crack them open—beware, the chilling noises that emanate will haunt you.

Mood Lighting and More:

The atmosphere is a bit thick with stale air, mingled with the stench of oxidized metal and aged fabric. Overhead, fluorescent lights are having a rave of their own, flickering to their heart's content, birthing eerie dancing shadows. There's a persistent hum of electricity, a reminder of life in the stillness, and every so often, a far-off sound—uncannily like a school bell—rings out.

Finding the Rabbit Hole:

  • From Level -14: Occasionally, those locked doors in Level -14 turn out to be more than they seem, opening into the locker-lined hallways of Level -15.
  • From Level 2: It's a rare find, but sometimes, a door in Level 2 holds the secret entrance to Level -15.

Escape Routes:

  • Mirror, Mirror: The mirrors in restrooms are more than reflective surfaces—they're portals to Level 4.
  • Behind the Classroom Door: Every once in a while, a classroom door holds the key back to Level 2 or Level -14.

The Ghost in the Machine:

Locker Phantoms: Beware the spectral beings that materialize when a locker door is wrenched open. They let loose a blood-curdling scream and might freeze you in your tracks with terror, but don't worry, they're more bark than bite.

Let's Get Interactive:

  • Lockers: Jolting a locker open might be an adrenaline rush, but remember, you could be summoning a Locker Phantom.

The Survival Guide:

  • Resist the temptation to forcibly pry open lockers—you don't want an unwelcome meeting with a Locker Phantom.
  • Make a beeline for the restrooms or classrooms, they might just be your ticket out of here.
  • Stay focused amidst the flickering lights and identical scenery; it's easy to get lost in this disorienting maze.