Backrooms Level -3.5: "The Shattered Expanse"

Step into the unpredictable realm of the Backrooms Level -3.5, referred to as "The Shattered Expanse", a disarrayed, fragmented landscape levitating over an interminable abyss.


Level -3.5 manifests as an infinite expanse of levitating, shattered pieces of various landscapes. These fragments range in size and variety, including chunks of dense forests, metropolitan city blocks, or even snippets of other Backrooms Levels. The fragments precariously float above an unfathomable void.

Environment Conditions:

The atmosphere is tranquil and thin, akin to high altitudes on Earth. Temperature and lighting fluctuate wildly, depending on the nature of the fragment you're standing on. The only unchanging feature is the omnipresent, chilling void beneath.


  • From Level -3.4: Some Hovering Orbs in the Celestial Dunes may unexpectedly enlarge into portals that lead to The Shattered Expanse.


  • To Level -3.4: Certain fragments may spontaneously implode into Hovering Orbs, offering an escape route back to the Celestial Dunes.


Drifters: Drifters are enigmatic entities that resemble levitating, cloaked figures. They glide effortlessly between fragments and exhibit no known signs of hostility. Their motives remain a mystery.

Object Interactions:

  • Fragments: The fragments are pieces of various realities. They are firm and can be traversed, but one must exercise caution, as some fragments may abruptly disintegrate or vanish.

Known Strategies/Precautions:

  • Maintain awareness of the stability of your current fragment. It could disintegrate or vanish unexpectedly.
  • Avoid attempting jumps between fragments with excessive distance. Misjudging a leap could lead to a fall into the abyss.
  • Remain vigilant around Drifters. Their benign nature does not nullify the potential threat their unpredictable movement might pose.