Backrooms Level 34: "Elven Footpath"

The Elven Footpath, also known as Backrooms Level 34, is an enigmatic yet peaceful level in the Backrooms, reminiscent of an ancient, magical forest.


This level unfolds as a seemingly infinite forest, dominated by towering, luminescent trees that reach towards an unseen zenith. The forest is lit by bioluminescent flora and fungi, casting an otherworldly, enchanting glow across the landscape. The "Elven Footpath," a singular, winding path, carves its way through the heart of this forest. The entire area seems to pulsate with a serene yet powerful energy.

Environment Conditions:

The atmosphere in Level 34 is cool and crisp, permeated with the gentle scent of wildflowers and damp soil. The air seems to sparkle, filled with tiny particles of light. A strange yet harmonious hum resonates from afar. The level is forever veiled in twilight, with a purple dusk casting elongated shadows over the forest floor.


  • From Level 33: On occasion, an antiquated door may materialize within Level 33. Entering this door will transport wanderers to the beginning of the Elven Footpath.


  • To Level 35: Upon following the Elven Footpath without deviation, wanderers will eventually arrive at a stone archway, serving as the entrance to Level 35.


The Spirit Stags: These entities resemble ethereal, deer-like creatures called Spirit Stags, often seen meandering in the distance. Generally non-aggressive, they may cause hallucinations and disorientation if directly interacted with, thus caution is advised.

Object Interactions:

  • Glowing Fungi: These fungi illuminate the level with their soft bioluminescence. They pose no threat, but consumption is not recommended as they can lead to gastrointestinal distress.

Known Strategies/Precautions:

  • Stick to the Elven Footpath. The forest beyond the path is thick and labyrinthine, with no discernible exits.
  • Avoid contact with the Spirit Stags.
  • Refrain from consuming any plant or fungal species found in this level.
Backrooms MC (Minecraft) Hints
  • GOLD!: The Elven Footpath level of the Backrooms isn't as diverse as the Overworld, but it has an unusual number of ores and minerals. Mining in this level of the Backrooms often is more productive than mining in the Overworld.
  • Time in a Bottle: Due to Minecraft's limitations, time can't be frozen at twighlight in this level. Villagers sleep constantly, and the sun isn't stopped at sunset if the daylight cycle is stopped.
  • To Noclip or Not to Noclip: As with other Backrooms levels, a nether portal noclips you back to the Lobby (Backrooms Level 0).
  • In the Beginning: Backrooms MC added Elven Footpath in Season 4.