Backrooms Level -η: "Inverted Nature"

Backrooms Level -η, also termed as "Inverted Nature", is a distorted, eerie imitation of natural landscapes situated within the confines of the Backrooms.


Level -η exhibits surreal and uncanny facsimiles of diverse natural environments, encompassing dense forests, broad plains, transparent lakes, and tempestuous oceans. The flora—including trees, grass, and flowers—radiates with an otherworldly luminescence, contributing to a disquieting aura. The water bodies mirror the glow of the plant life, fabricating a vista that is both mesmerizing and disconcerting.

Environment Conditions:

Level -η presents a cool, damp climate with an inexplicably pleasant floral fragrance. The temperature and light conditions imitate a continuous twilight. Although water bodies are present, their liquid is inadvisable for consumption due to its shared, abnormal luminescence with the flora.


  • From Level -ε: Accidentally discovering and entering luminescent cavern systems within Level -ε may result in a transition to Level -η.


  • To Level -ε: Venturing into the deepest sectors of the radiant forests may expose concealed caverns leading back to Level -ε.


Luminae: Luminae are luminous entities that mimic Earth's fauna yet display the disturbing glow characteristic of the level's flora. Their behaviors often parallel those of their Earthly analogs, albeit with a higher degree of unpredictability.

Object Interactions:

  • Flora: The radiant flora serves not only as a source of illumination but also as a navigational aid, as it appears to grow more densely in proximity to cave exits.

Known Strategies/Precautions:

  • Despite its inviting appearance, the consumption of water or flora is emphatically discouraged due to their abnormal properties.
  • Maintain a secure distance from Luminae; their behaviors are largely erratic.
  • Utilize the density of flora as an indicator to locate potential exits.