Backrooms Level 22 ("The Grand Exhibition")

Immerse yourself in Level 22, popularly referred to as "The Grand Exhibition", an interminable network of art galleries and display chambers.

Portrait of the Place:

Imagine endless galleries, each brimming with art pieces in all forms, shapes, and sizes. Sculptures that breathe life, paintings that tell tales, photographs that capture time, and other eclectic visuals. Some of these artistic marvels echo the nuances of other Backrooms levels, encapsulating entities or events, while others revel in their abstraction or defy comprehension.

The Ambience:

Expect a mild chill, a counterpart to the dryness of the air. The scent palette is a fusion of paint and the nostalgic aroma of old books. The setting is almost sacred in its silence, interrupted only by the occasional echo of solitary footsteps. Artificial lights paint the surroundings with a soft, neutral glow, creating the perfect atmosphere for art appreciation.

Pathways In:

  • From Level 21: Ever touched a botanical sculpture in Level 21? Some of these can transport wanderers straight into Level 22.
  • From Level 9: Occasionally, digital art installations within Level 9 open a gateway to Level 22.

Pathways Out:

  • Artistic Portals: Interacting with specific art pieces can whisk you back to Level 21 or Level 9.
  • Doors of Departure: Some doors hidden within the exhibition halls may hold the key to returning to Level 1.


Artisans: Humanoid figures engaged in a dance of creation, often found either giving birth to new art pieces or preserving the gallery. They typically maintain their solitude but won't hesitate to display hostility if their precious creations are disturbed.

Object Opportunities:

  • Artistic Portals: A selection of art pieces might serve as doorways back to Level 21 or Level 9 when interacted with.
  • Doors of Departure: Certain doors concealed within the exhibition halls may offer passage back to Level 1.

Survival Insights:

  • Respect the Artisans and their creations—disturbances can incite their wrath.
  • Examine the artworks closely—some might prove to be more than mere artistic expressions and act as portals to other levels.
  • Stay alert for doors within the exhibition halls, they could serve as your ticket back to Level 1.