Backrooms Level 20 ("The Neverending Lunch Hour")

Welcome to Level 20, or as it's fondly called, "The Breakroom". Picture an infinity of office breakrooms, petite kitchenettes, and restrooms, all tethered together by a warren of diminutive corridors.

Defining the Infinite:

Level 20 is a baffling montage of breakrooms, replete with all the standard office trappings—fridges, microwaves, coffee machines, tables, chairs, and, of course, the ubiquitous vending machines. The bathrooms boast fully functional sinks, toilets, and mirrors—a luxury, wouldn't you say? The passages linking these spaces are tight and truncated, lending an air of claustrophobic closeness to the environment.

Setting the Scene:

The environment here is perfectly room temperature—a blessed respite, really. The aroma in the air is an odd blend of coffee and cleaning supplies. As for the soundscape, it's a subdued quiet, punctuated only by the low hum of fluorescent lights. The lighting is consistently mild, courtesy of overhead fluorescents. Comfortable, isn't it?


  • From the Many Doors of Level 5: Once in a while, a door in Level 5 may lead you to the peculiar vastness of Level 20. A quirk of the Backrooms, perhaps?
  • Through Slumber in Level 0: A rare phenomenon indeed, but sometimes, falling asleep in Level 0 can result in waking up in Level 20. Quite the dream, eh?


  • Find the Right Buttons: With the correct sequence of buttons, certain vending machines might just serve up a return trip to Level 5.
  • The Flush Escape: Believe it or not, occasionally flushing oneself down a toilet in Level 20 can lead back to the familiar confines of Level 0. Talk about going with the flow!


The Janitors: Humanoid entities that appear engaged in the endless task of tidying up. They're generally peaceful, showing indifference to wanderers unless directly engaged. Maybe best to let them work?

Things You Can Use:

  • Vending Machines: Some vending machines may hide portals to Level 5, only revealed by pressing a specific sequence of buttons. Worth a shot!
  • The Unusual Loos: At times, the toilets in Level 20 can serve as an unlikely gateway back to Level 0. How? Well, you have to be inside when it's flushed. All part of the Backrooms' charm!

Survival Guide:

  • Respect the Janitors' space. They're usually benign unless provoked.
  • Take your time with the vending machines. Who knows, the right sequence of buttons could be your ticket out.
  • Never rule out the toilets as a potential escape route. It may not be glamorous, but it could be effective!