Backrooms Level 30: "The Paralyzing Parlor"

Experience the unnerving elegance of Backrooms Level 30, or "The Paralyzing Parlor", an expanse of seemingly tranquil Victorian parlors that invoke a potent mixture of awe and dread in wanderers.


Level 30 manifests as a sprawling array of parlors, each styled after the opulent aesthetic of the Victorian era. Plush furniture, intricately ornate decorations, and majestic fireplaces pervade these spaces. The rooms are barely illuminated by the low, flickering light of grand chandeliers, which bathe the antiquated furniture in an eerie, ominous glow.

Atmospheric Conditions:

The air within the Parlor is thick with the musty scent of old upholstery and an unsettling aura of fear. A persistent, uncomfortable chill pervades the space, which is shrouded in an oppressive silence broken only by the intermittent soft ticking of unseen clocks and the sporadic crackling of the fireplaces.

Entry Points:

  • From The Flickering Frontier (Level 29): Wanderers can enter The Paralyzing Parlor from Level 29 by locating and stepping through a door bearing an image of a lush forest.

Exit Points:

  • Towards The Resonating Reservoir (Level 31): A secret passage leading to Level 31 can be found behind a false back in one of the grand fireplaces within the Parlor.

Local Entities:

The Hosts: Resembling humans attired in Victorian-era garb, The Hosts move in a rigid manner around the parlor, generally ignoring wanderers unless they disrupt the environment or attempt to depart, which triggers their aggression.


  • Antique Furniture: Despite the allure of the antique furniture in The Paralyzing Parlor, it is advisable to avoid it. Upon contact, the furniture induces a numbing sensation, which intensifies the longer one remains in contact, ultimately resulting in temporary paralysis.

Survival Strategies:

  • Avoid interaction with the antique furniture. Its captivating appearance belies a paralyzing effect.
  • Minimize attention from The Hosts. They respond aggressively to disruptions and attempts to leave.
  • Locate the exit within one of the fireplaces, but ensure this is done subtly to avoid inciting aggression from The Hosts. Look for a fireplace with a false back.