Backrooms Level -666 ("The Absence")

Welcome to Level -666, often referred to as "The Absence", a sprawling, boundless expanse of unending black void. It stands apart from its brethren, as it seems utterly devoid of entities—save for the fleeting presence of the elusive Void Wanderers.

The Abyss Unseen:

This level presents an infinity of nothingness—a void with neither ground to walk on nor sky overhead. It's an eerie silence that screams of isolation and despair. Its stark emptiness and absence of entities make it a singularity among the Backrooms.

A Sensory Void:

Devoid of all sensory inputs—it's a land of no temperature, void of odors, and bereft of sound or light. Even gravity appears to have abandoned this place. Time loses its meaning, with minutes stretching into what feel like hours, and hours condensing into mere minutes. Level -666 outdoes even the most disorienting void levels in its unsettling loneliness.

Gateways into Nothingness:

  • From Level -665: An erratic portal at the heart of Level -665 occasionally offers passage into the unsettling blackness of Level -666.
  • Mysterious Rites: Whispers speak of enigmatic rituals, performed in Level 0 at the stroke of midnight, that might usher one into the heart of Level -666.

The Unseen Exit:

  • An Enigma: No certain exits have yet been discovered. Rumors hint that a meditative focus on a specific level might offer an escape route, though such theories remain unproven.

The Lone Wanderers:

Void Wanderers: Almost invisible entities that appear to drift aimlessly through the void. Contacting them incites a deep sense of existential dread. They show no aggression, but their avoidance remains crucial. Their existence is the sole variance in the monotonous stillness of Level -666.

Interactions of Non-Existence:

  • Void: Given the very nature of this level, object interactions remain unknown and potentially non-existent.

Surviving the Absence:

  • Considering the lack of sensory stimuli, explorers are recommended to carry sources of light and sound to preserve a semblance of direction and sanity.
  • Interaction with Void Wanderers is best avoided to prevent severe psychological torment.
  • In the absence of a proven exit, explorers are strongly cautioned against delving into this level, barring the utmost necessity.