Backrooms Level 45: "The Shadow Sanctuary"

"The Shadow Sanctuary", otherwise known as Backrooms Level 45, is an enigmatic realm where darkness, shadows, and matter weave into an otherworldly spectacle.


This level is a captivating space seemingly hung within perpetual darkness. The architectural layout is ambiguous and ever-changing, with structures materializing as silhouettes amidst the murkiness. The most distinct features are spectral lanterns that float mid-air, casting mesmerizing shadows that twirl and flicker across the darkened landscape. These lanterns serve as the only persistent source of light.

Environment Conditions:

The air here is mildly damp, carrying a fresh chill reminiscent of a light drizzle. The temperature is consistently mild, and an elusive melody can be heard echoing softly in the distance. The weak light from the lanterns conjures a serene yet unsettling ambiance.


  • From Level 44: Concealed passages within the "Boneyard Tunnels" may lead directly into The Shadow Sanctuary.


  • To Level 46: Occasionally, shadows denser than the others might reveal themselves to be portals to Level 46.


Shadow Wraiths: These spectral entities silently float within the darkness. Elusive and seemingly indifferent to wanderers, they dissipate into the shadows when approached.

Object Interactions:

  • Ghost Lanterns: These spectral lanterns emit a faint glow, providing minimal illumination. They appear to be intangible, phasing through any solid matter they encounter.

Known Strategies/Precautions:

  • Avoid direct contact with the lanterns. They appear to emanate a freezing cold that can induce frostbite with sustained exposure.
  • Exercise caution to avoid stepping into the darker shadows, as they might be shadow pits that lead to unknown levels.
  • Carrying an additional light source apart from the lanterns could aid navigation, although no light seems to fully penetrate the engulfing darkness.