Backrooms Level 29: "The Flickering Frontier"

Step into Backrooms Level 29, "The Flickering Frontier", a perplexing realm characterized by its state of constant flux, where the environment and its elements blink in and out of existence unpredictably.


Within Level 29, the scenery oscillates rapidly between different environments, borrowing elements from previous Backrooms levels. The continuous, rapid transitions of the environment create a disorienting, strobe-like effect. At any given moment, the setting may shift from an unassuming office building to an intricate labyrinth or a sprawling wilderness, before morphing into something else entirely.

Atmospheric Conditions:

The climate within Level 29 is as capricious as its visual appearance. Lighting, temperature, and even gravitational pull can shift dramatically and without warning. The sole constant within this level is a soft, pervasive electric hum that fills the air.

Entry Points:

  • From The Hallway of Holograms (Level 28): Entry to The Flickering Frontier can be gained by stepping through a specific exit door within Level 28.

Exit Points:

  • Towards The Verdant Vale (Level 30): Occasionally, a flickering door may materialize within Level 29. When this door displays an image of a verdant forest, stepping through it will transport the wanderer to Level 30.

Local Entities:

Flickers: Flickers are elusive entities native to Level 29 that have adapted to the level's volatile conditions. They phase in and out of visibility in sync with the environment, rendering them nearly imperceptible and difficult to track.


  • Flickering Objects: Objects within Level 29 can phase into and out of existence, mirroring the flickering behavior of the environment. This makes interactions unpredictable and unreliable, with objects occasionally altering their form upon interaction.

Survival Strategies:

  • Maintain a high level of alertness and adaptability. The swift and extreme environmental shifts can be disorienting and may pose sudden dangers.
  • Where possible, avoid encounters with Flickers. Their unpredictable nature and near invisibility make them potential threats.
  • Exercise patience when trying to locate the exit door. It may require time for the door to display the correct forest image necessary for transitioning to Level 30.