Backrooms Level -0.7: "The Endless Highway"

Brace yourself for Backrooms Level -0.7, colloquially termed as "The Endless Highway". Picture an everlasting, gloomily lit highway stretching into oblivion. Got it? Well, that's just the beginning.


Imagine a deserted highway that doesn't end, shrouded on both sides by a fog so dense you can't see anything beyond it. The road, old and weary, is an intricate mesh of cracks and potholes. It's as if the highway has seen a thousand years pass by, and not in a good way.

Environment Conditions:

The smell of damp asphalt, it's everywhere. An unchanging sky, overcast and gloomy, hangs above while a soft drizzle keeps the road shining with wetness. It's usually cool here, and you can always hear this low, distant rumble, almost like a storm that never quite arrives.


  • From Level -0.6: Lost in the labyrinth of the dripping halls in Level -0.6? Well, you just might stumble your way into Level -0.7.


  • To Level -0.6: See a rift in the fog showing a door? Congratulations, you've found a way out! That door will lead you back to Level -0.6.


Road Ghosts: The only companions here are the Road Ghosts. They're like fleeting shadows, dancing at the edge of your vision or standing far off on the road. They won't bother you, but try to approach them, and they vanish.

Object Interactions:

  • Highway: The highway, littered with potholes and made slick by the ceaseless drizzle, makes for a difficult trek.

Known Strategies/Precautions:

  • Stick to the highway. The fog? It's a no-go.
  • Always look for a break in the fog. If you see a door, that's your ticket out of here.
  • Ignore the Road Ghosts. They're harmless, and chasing them only leads to confusion and lost time.