Backrooms Level -0: "Genesis Void"

Regarded as Level -0, or alternatively the "Genesis Void," this level is a cryptic and primordial realm within the Backrooms. Many perceive it as the root or 'genesis' level of the entire Backrooms universe, marking it as a place of original creation.

An Overview:

Level -0 materializes as a boundless, immeasurable expanse permeated by a dense, nebulous fog that drastically curtails visibility. The air shimmers with minute, twinkling particles that catch the sparse light filtering through the mist. Bereft of tangible structures or discernible ground, this level induces a sensation of floating within an infinite, foggy void.

Environmental Conditions:

The environment of Level -0 is marked by a cool, damp atmosphere, with the omnipresent mist lending a heavy, moist quality to the air. The dense fog muffles all sounds, giving birth to an eerie, hushed ambiance. An undefinable scent lingers in the air, often likened to the aroma of ozone or freshly turned soil.


  • From Level 0: Infrequent and unpredictable no-clipping events from Level 0 can lead to Level -0. This usually transpires in rooms where the customary hum of the fluorescent lights is conspicuously absent.


  • To Level 0: Focusing intensely on familiar auditory or tactile sensations from Level 0 may provoke a no-clip event, transporting the wanderer back to the relative normalcy of Level 0.


Shadows: Nebulous, formless entities, known as Shadows, can sometimes be observed drifting within the dense fog. They do not display aggressive behaviors and appear to exist in harmony with the environmental conditions of Level -0.

Object Interactions:

  • Mist: The ever-present mist of Level -0 exhibits a strange calming effect upon inhalation, seemingly reducing anxiety levels and fostering a sense of serenity. Whether this effect is psychological or inherent to the mist itself remains unknown.

Known Strategies/Precautions:

  • Retain your composure and focus. The limited visibility coupled with the profound silence can be both disorienting and anxiety-provoking.
  • Regardless of the seemingly peaceful demeanor of the Shadow entities, it's wise to maintain a healthy distance from them.
  • Preserve a strong mental image or memory of Level 0 or other familiar levels to aid in inducing a no-clip event, providing a potential escape from Level -0.
Backrooms MC (Minecraft) Hints
  • Warped: Look for a warped door in the Lobby (level 0). This might take you to the Genesis Void dimension.
  • Deadly Escape: Rumor has it that no one makes it out of Genesis Void alive. Truthfully, you can place your items from Genesis Void into an ender chest, then jump into the void. Beginning in Backrooms MC Season 3, there are ender chests scattered around the Lobby.
  • Hide and Seek: Small floating islands are scattered round the Genesis Void holding resources and even ender chests.