Backrooms Level -21: "Shattered Symmetry"

Step into a world where logic bends and twists on itself within the Backrooms Level -21, affectionately termed "Shattered Symmetry". Here, spatial geometry does a somersault and symmetry shatters into a thousand mirrored pieces, turning your trek into a mind-boggling maze of reflections and odd dimensions.

Peek Into the Looking Glass:

The key motif of Level -21 is the kaleidoscopic play of mirrored surfaces that garnish this realm. Stretching out in unending arrays are vast expanses of rooms cloned to perfection. It's like staring at the world's largest mirror reflecting another identical one, creating an endless cascade of repetition. The walls, floor, and ceiling are shrouded in a reflective material, amplifying the illusion of an infinite mirror maze.

Atmospheric Antics:

The air in Level -21 is crisp and sterile, reminiscent of a well-ventilated modern building. Lighting springs from an enigmatic, bright white light, bouncing off every surface and bathing the environment in an uncanny luminescence. Sound behaves like a wayward child here, distorting and echoing whimsically, making pinning down their source a challenging game.


  • Via Level -20: Beware of a mirror-like portal on your wanderings in Level -20, it might just land you straight into Level -21.

Exit Strategy:

  • Towards Level -22: Hidden pathways snake within the mirrored catacombs that might usher you to Level -22. But spotting these paths demands a keen eye and bucketloads of patience.


Mirages: Beware of the Mirages, entities native to this level that boast a perturbing talent - they can mirror your appearance. They are not inherently hostile but might stir confusion and panic with their eerie mimicry.

Tangible Twists:

  • Mirrored Surfaces: Don't be fooled, each mirrored surface is more than meets the eye, and could potentially serve as your navigational guide. By closely scrutinizing the reflections and their patterns, you might uncover paths that were otherwise hidden in plain sight.

Survival Guide:

  • Maintain your calm and stay focused. Panic can easily stir disorientation and hike up your chances of losing your way.
  • Keeping track of your trail is crucial to avoid falling into a repetitive cycle due to the symmetrical nature of this level.
  • Engage with Mirages cautiously. Although they aren't physically threatening, their mimicry can cause psychological distress.
  • Having a trustworthy source of illumination is recommended. Shadows and dark corners can be your crucial navigation clue givers.