Backrooms Level 15: The Nexus

Let's delve into Level 15, a baffling entity named "Nexus", a bewildering network of hallways and entrances.

Setting the Scene:

Imagine a maze of office corridors, the aesthetics of which morph without reason or rhythm. One minute, you're in a sleek, modern hallway; the next, you're navigating through a crumbling path or a relic from history. A fascinating, albeit perplexing, architectural chaos.

Getting Under Your Skin:

The climate is inconsistent but mild for the most part. Lighting? It's as whimsical as a chameleon, changing when least expected. Sounds? They're like whispers in the wind, muffled and distant, further spiking the disorientation. Some areas tease your nose with the sharp smell of fresh paint, while others are overpowered by a stale, musty scent.

Stepping In:

  • Through Level 0's Doorways: Occasionally, a door in Level 0 will drop you straight into the Nexus.
  • From Level 14's Train Stations: Should a train halt at a station in Level 14, you might find yourself at the doorstep of Level 15.

Stepping Out:

  • Through the Many Doors: The innumerable doors within Nexus are essentially wild cards, each opening to a random level in the Backrooms. You never know where you'll end up next.

The Janitors:

The Custodians: Figureheads clad as custodial staff roam around, maintaining the ever-changing corridors. They typically stay away from conflict, unless instigated, that is.

Doorway Dilemmas:

  • Unpredictable Portals: Each door in Level 15 is a mystery, serving as a portal to another level in the Backrooms. Brace yourself for unpredictable destinations.

Survival Tips:

  • Avoid antagonizing the Custodians. They generally maintain peace and can be a wealth of knowledge if approached correctly.
  • Be mentally prepped for abrupt environmental shifts. Remember, any door could lead anywhere.
  • Mark your trail. You wouldn't want to lose your way in this intricate labyrinth of corridors.