Backrooms Level $ ("The Emporium")

Dubbed "The Emporium", Level $ unfurls as an extensive, seemingly boundless marketplace teeming with stalls proffering items sourced from the multifarious levels of the Backrooms.

Unveiling the Emporium:

Manifesting as an immense bazaar stippled with innumerable stalls, this level serves as a nexus for items originating or pertaining to the diverse echelons of the Backrooms. The stalls vary in their management - some presided over by entities, others seemingly operating autonomously.

Emporium Atmospherics:

Recreating the vibrancy of a bustling marketplace, Level $ pulsates with the constant murmur of chatter and the peculiar scent of assorted objects and entities. Moderately temperate with consistent illumination cast by scattered lanterns and light fixtures, the level exudes an enigmatic allure.

Accessing the Emporium:

  • From The Infinity: Select portals from Level ∞, "The Infinity", may provide passage to Level $.
  • From Level 77: Certain labyrinthine alleyways within Level 77 sporadically lead to Level $.

Departures from the Emporium:

  • Stalls of Transition: Specific stalls, upon entering, may translocate you to disparate levels.
  • Alleyways of Return: The serpentine back alleys weaving between stalls occasionally offer a return path to Level 77.

Emporium's Denizens:

A Melange of Entities: The Emporium teems with a broad spectrum of entities sourced from varying levels, primarily engaging in trading or bargaining activities. Their temperaments oscillate between docility and aggression, particularly during negotiation proceedings.

The Emporium's Wares:

  • An Array of Objects: Level $ houses an extensive assortment of objects found in the Backrooms. Exercise caution during trade, as the properties and effects of these objects can be as unpredictable as they are varied.

Navigating the Emporium:

  • Barter judiciously, especially when dealing with entities notorious for their duplicitous tendencies.
  • Exercise discernment with your acquisitions. Objects may not always perform as anticipated and could potentially pose more harm than benefit.
  • Consider this level a providential opportunity to procure objects that could prove indispensable in other levels.