Backrooms Level -ε: "The Unfound"

Backrooms Level -ε, dubbed as "The Unfound", is an elusive level notorious for its extreme volatility and unpredictability.


The physical representation of Level -ε is an enigma, with its appearance significantly fluctuating between individual encounters. Sometimes it may appear as an expansive desert, its floors comprising coarse, yellow carpet material, while other times it may transform into a vast ocean, with waves of the same carpet. In certain instances, it might resemble a dense forest with trees shaped like tall, narrow structures donning bulbous light fixtures. Despite the form it takes, the quintessential yellow carpet aesthetic of the Backrooms persistently underlies its guise.

Environment Conditions:

The environmental conditions within Level -ε are as mercurial as its appearance. Temperatures can swing from freezing to scorching, and the atmosphere can be either incredibly dry or humid. The constant feature of this level is a low-frequency hum, eerily reminiscent of the standard Backrooms drone, albeit more intense and overbearing.


  • From Level -Δ: Wanderers in Level -Δ have reported inexplicably transitioning into Level -ε during episodes of extreme disorientation or panic.


  • To Level -Δ: Given the high volatility of Level -ε, it can spontaneously revert to Level -Δ without any discernible trigger. Wanderers are advised to maintain a calm and composed demeanor to facilitate this transition.


Phantoms: Phantoms are rare shape-shifting entities indigenous to Level -ε. They tend to mimic the current form of the environment, which makes them challenging to discern. Although usually passive, they exhibit defensive behaviors when threatened.

Object Interactions:

  • Carpeted Elements: Every element in Level -ε, whether desert sands, ocean waves, or tree trunks, emanate from the ubiquitous yellow, damp, and musty carpet that typifies the Backrooms. Interaction with these elements is generally safe, albeit unsettling.

Known Strategies/Precautions:

  • Anticipate drastic shifts in the environment. Carry supplies suitable for diverse conditions.
  • Sustain a tranquil and composed mindset to expedite a shift back to Level -Δ.
  • Stay alert for Phantoms. Avoid threatening them to prevent defensive reactions.
  • Monitor the intensity of the hum, as a surge might indicate an impending environmental shift.
  • Although it is not advised to consume the carpet manifestations, in dire circumstances, water from the carpet ocean has been reported to be safe for consumption.