Backrooms Level 47: "The Shattered Observatory"

"The Shattered Observatory", or Backrooms Level 47, is a bewildering anomaly, characterized by the remnants of what appears to be an ancient observatory, under a mesmerizing, tumultuous display of celestial bodies.


This level manifests as a vast, desolate observatory, marked by decaying stone walls and a fragmented glass dome. Above, the sky is an entrancing, chaotic waltz of celestial bodies, rapidly transitioning between awe-inspiring and alarming cosmic vistas.

Environment Conditions:

The air in this level is cool and fresh, tinged with the faint scent of ozone. Aside from the distant echoes of celestial harmonies, reminiscent of a spectral symphony, the observatory is eerily quiet. The ground is irregular and strewn with debris and decayed structures.


  • From Level 46: The aged, creaking door at the rear of "Griffin's Tavern" opens onto The Shattered Observatory.


  • To Level 48: When specific constellations are correctly aligned using the observatory's remaining equipment, a portal to Level 48 materializes.


The Star Beasts: Mysterious entities that originate from the cosmic spectacle above. Generally, they are indifferent to wanderers unless provoked.

Object Interactions:

  • The Telescope: At the heart of the observatory, there is a majestic, albeit damaged, telescope. It enables wanderers to observe the cosmic array and align constellations, which is crucial for locating the exit.

Known Strategies/Precautions:

  • Exercise caution when near the Star Beasts. They are typically uninterested in wanderers but can react unpredictably if agitated.
  • The alignment of the constellations is key to finding the exit, so close observation and understanding of the celestial panorama is crucial.
  • The observatory's uneven terrain and dilapidated structures pose a risk of injury, so wanderers should navigate with care.