Backrooms Level O: "The Furnace"

The Furnace, or Level O (not to be confused with Level 0), manifests as a relatively benign plane teeming with countless operational boilers. It's often perceived as a blistering rendition of the 'standard' Level 0.

Depicting The Furnace:

This realm unfolds as an expansive industrial complex, populated by an immeasurable array of boilers—each of diverse sizes and designs, ranging from antiquated to modern constructs. The boilers, perpetually operational, inject a resonating hum and an intense wave of heat that permeates the level, adding to its mystifying nature.

Environment Conditions:

The ambiance of Level O throbs with the simmering sounds of boiling water and the metallic groaning of pressurized vessels. The environment is persistently sweltering, courtesy of the industrious boilers, with high humidity compounding to form a heavy, stuffy atmosphere. The illumination is subdued, deriving from sparse, dangling bulbs scattered throughout the expanse.


  • From Level 0: In rare instances, a wanderer might chance upon a functional door within Level 0 that opens into the sizzling reality of Level O.
  • Random Shifts: The unpredictable nature of the Backrooms allows for spontaneous shifts from any level to potentially lead to Level O.


  • To Level 0: Exiting can be achieved by locating a door that, in stark contrast to the common boiler-filled vistas, opens back into the relative calm of Level 0.
  • Random Shifts: As is the norm with many levels, wanderers can be abruptly transported to other levels through random shifts.


None: Level O is notably devoid of known entities. However, the ceaseless din and shifting shadows can sometimes conjure illusions of unseen entities, adding an element of psychological tension.

Object Interactions:

  • Boilers: The boilers within Level O are all in full swing and radiate extreme heat. Direct contact is to be avoided to prevent severe burns.

Known Strategies/Precautions:

  • Maintain hydration and keep cool to mitigate the effects of the hot, moist environment.
  • Track your path vigilantly to avoid losing your way among the labyrinthine array of similar-looking boilers.
  • Although there are no reported entities, caution is advised. The omnipresent noise and play of shadows may serve to camouflage potential threats.